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 Wow Kids Staff Application.

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Wow Kids


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PostSubject: Wow Kids Staff Application.   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:10 pm

How old are you? 14

Where do you live? USA

How many days have you been playing? 1

Have you been staff on other servers? (If so name them) Yes and Edgeville PVP, 2speced, Paradise, Point Blank 525, Project Gwas, & Near-Reality.

Why do you want to be apart of the staff? I want to be apart of the staff so I can help new players and make sure people are doing what they are supposed to. I won't abuse my rights as others will just to make you mad or others mad. I am not a jerk if someone does something idiotic to me or just plain old stupid, I will remain calm as long as possible unless they don't stop. I will respect and listen to other staff members as well.

Additional Info? No.
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Wow Kids Staff Application.
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