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 ..:: joker status ::.. server suggestions! D:

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joker status

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PostSubject: ..:: joker status ::.. server suggestions! D:   Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:27 am

hello its joker status and ive been looking around the server for things that "could" be improved to improve the server......

ok here are some of my suggestions:

big suggestions:
-well a few days ago i saw that "chaos elemental" drops items like ags, d bow and other cool items and i went to kill it after i had killed it around 5 - 10 times ill i where getting were potions.
so could you make the drops more often for the chaos elemental?
-put some more pk armour shops like ones that sell rock shell d claws (i know there donator items)
and other things that people could find very fun to pk with.
-tell people what farcasting acualy is: its when someone keeps continuously barrageing untill their opponant it dead and tell them to please stop making up stuff about "farcasting" ok listen i have always pked as a mage tanker and the armor that i always wear is: mystic bottoms black d hide top and zerker helm yes i take a mages book and master wand with me becuase mage tankin is barrage to stop them running then range them till low hp then dds to finish them off and as soon as i hit barrage some noob will go "noob fcer im guna tell 2kbarrows and get u banned" and tbh thats just sad because....
1. its not fc.
2. even if i where then i would get a warning first not ban.
3. i try not to fc if they say "stop fc" then ill walk up closer to them.
4. And also barrage and then "range" is not classed as fc!

other surgestions:
-Ok this one is from past experience i was at kbd and i got a clue scroll then i must have spent around 2 hours killing npc for a spade <--- lol?
yeah and then after that time i finaly thought im guna go skill for a bit and then bam when i looked in the skiller shops there was a spade so my point it that i thing you sould put things like that in shops at home. <----- (if you dont care then dont do this.)

minour suggestions:
these ones are not worth worrying about but i thought that i may aswell just point them out
-ok making a new charactor,
when you start the game you are under ground in some kind of lava place looks like under karamja
but anyway the hole thing of typeing ::info
i think that as soon as you spawn (without talking to to man) if you type ::info then you should just beable to go throught the portal with out talkin to him if you have type ::info already.

..:: joker status ::..
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: joker status ::.. server suggestions! D:   Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:23 pm

Thanks, these are all great suggestions, we have fixed your spade search problem, now when you type ::cammy (for the camelot cluescroll) you automatically recieve a spade in your inventory, and second, the ::info thing is mainly for new players, it is more so they understand what they can do on the server etc.
We have also made the NPC drops 1/200 instead of 1/1000 :p
- Thanks, Legacy-Pk Staff
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joker status

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PostSubject: wow thanks! :D   Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:02 pm

hey man thanks i dident expect you to really reply to my suggestions because they wernt that urgent
but thanks anyways

..:: joker status ::..
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: joker status ::.. server suggestions! D:   

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..:: joker status ::.. server suggestions! D:
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