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 "brid" needs to learn what farcast means....

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PostSubject: "brid" needs to learn what farcast means....   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:50 am

hye guys i was hybridin in pkbox and the player "brid" comes along and this is really funny becuase he thinks hybridin is farcast and if he knew what hybrid where then he wouldn't say im farcastin and its even funnyer because his name is "Brid" <--- hahahaa!

guys just some one please tell him that hybridin is not farcastin...
-useing mage to get someone to 2 thirds hp then swapin to melee or range and attempt to finish them off.

-continuously barrageing someone untill they are "dead"

some on tell this noob he has no idea what he is talkin about....

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"brid" needs to learn what farcast means....
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