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 some mroe rules

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lord of day

lord of day

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PostSubject: Some more rules (approved by 2k)   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:50 pm

Message by lord of day (online) - Forum Rules
The following rules pertain to the legacy-pk forums, however, general rules listed here must also be followed when playing on the legacy-pk server.

The legacy-pk staff team has created these rules themselves and have the right to change them at any given moment. Please check often for updates.

Rule 1. Spam
- Spam is classified as any uninformative, useless or ignorant post or shout on the forums. Any post or shout that doesn't meet the required character limit of five, will also be classified as spam. One verbal warning from a staff member will be given upon an incident and a warning level will be added to your account, resulting in a one day ban, will also be added if the spam situation continues.

Rule 2. Language
- Here at legacy-pk , we allow our users to express themselves as much as they want, however they must not use offensive language towards one another. Using language, curse words, on the forums is more than welcome, but it must not be directed towards one specifically. If you're found guilty of using offensive language towards another member of legacy-pk , you will be given an automatic warning level that results in a one day, 24 hour, ban.

Rule 3. Offensive Material - Other
- On top of Rule 2, we prohibit the use of other offensive material such as; racism, images, videos, etc.. Using racial slurs or anything that could be considered as racism on the legacy-pk forums is extremely prohibited. We welcome users of all ethnicity. In addition to that, offensive material such as videos and images could be used in an offensive manner towards another user of legacy-pk . Anyone caught posting degrading or offensive material on the forums, excluding offensive langauge (refer to Rule 2), will be given a two day, 48 hour, ban from the legacy-pk forums.

Rule 4. Forum Misuse
- There are several things that fall under the rule of Forum Misuse; double posting, grave digging, not posting in the correct corresponding board, etc.. First, double posting is posting another reply to your own thread or previous reply without someone posting something before. It's basically posting two times in a row. 'Bumping' a term many forums have come to use, meaning the ability to make your thread show up on the top of the list, is allowed to a certain extent. You may 'bump' your thread once every 24 hours. This is the only exception to the double posting rule. Grave digging on the other hand is posting in a 'dead' thread that hasn't been posted in for at least one month. People tend to post things in the incorrect board. For example; if you'd like to share a song with the community, you should post it in the Media board because that's the corresponding board, however you shouldn't post it in the Ban Appeals board because it's not a ban appeal. All of the above sub-rules contained in Rule 4 will result in a one day, 24 hour, ban if broken.

Rule 5. Plagiarism
- Plagiarism is the act of posting something that was made by someone else, yet you claim it is your own. For example; you post a story on the forums and say you have written it. Someone else goes on Google and searches for that same story and finds it was written by someone else. This would be an example of plagiarism which is not only illegal but extremely prohibited on the legacy-pk forum. Plagiarism will result in an automatic five day ban from the legacy-pk forum.

Rule 6. Advertisement
- Here at legacy-pk , we allow simple advertisements through small links in your signature. Anything more then that; threads, images linking to websites in your signature, etc., will result in a verbal warning and the advertisement removed. Any incidents after this will result in a one day, 24 hour, ban from the legacy-pk forums.

Rule 7. Warez - Illegally Obtained Software
- The posting or sharing of Warez is prohibited at legacy-pk . Warez is any kind of software obtained illegally. Posting Warez on the website is not only illegal, but could get legacy-pk . itself shut down very quickly. Anyone found posting Warez will be automatically banned without a verbal warning. This rule is very serious and should never be forgotten.

Rule 8. Questioning Staff
- Staff members on legacy-pk are chosen based on their responsibility, maturity, judgment, etc.. We do believe that our staff members make the correct decisions 90% of the time, however, everyone makes mistakes at one point or another, that's one downfall to being a human being. When you believe a staff member makes an incorrect decision, you must private message them or another staff member notifying them of this situation. You should NOT question a staff member's judgment in a public area where other members may see it. Anyone found to be questioning someone's judgment will be given a verbal warning, and a one day, 24 hour, ban if the situation continues.

Add some More?.
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PostSubject: Re: some mroe rules   Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:45 pm

Thanks for taking your time to write this. This is a great add on to the rules.
- Thanks, Legacy-Pk Staff
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PostSubject: Re: some mroe rules   Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:55 pm

Nice but I think you copied this from other forums + it’s too long info. make it short so ppl know easier and faster.
you know what I mean?
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joker status

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PostSubject: dude?   Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:17 am

hey listen im not sure but i swear ive seen those words before on another server forums??
ur copyin?

..:: joker status ::..
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lord of day

lord of day

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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: some mroe rules   Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:40 pm

ye man i wrote these awhile back and i saved them in my documents and when i join a server i post them there.
fair enough?
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PostSubject: Re: some mroe rules   

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some mroe rules
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