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 mod aplication

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zerk tev

PostSubject: mod aplication   Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:35 am

hi 2kbarrows and emo hope you are reading this Smile
ok so i think i should get the change OR get mod here i have told many of my real life friends to join and they dide : their names are:: sava,devilboy,pkerneos, and your master aka adminstrator who was banned for advertising ok .. so i did break a rule once but know i learned my lesson i am very active as a player i play as much as i can!! i respect people. i am kind to people when i say some thing at pk like gbs and they guy died with claws i gave it back like i did with lord i help all my other friends while pking and i help out new starters i tell them what to do show them a guide now i know im not the best their is but i am active alot! i will report any player that breakes any of the rules and i will make a vid . thank you 2k my vid atm has 50 views in 3 days kind of good it will get us loads of player. legacy-pk the futury of pk Smile
RECENT NEWS: i own i must get banned for he was caught farming with lord and whiskey they have made a vid of it and uploaded it in youtube i saw it to my self that i own i was farming. lord and whiskey have nothing to do with this.
RECENT NEWS 2: my account has a bug or a null every time i log in it keeps saying please every 24 hours and the hp and prayer thing keeps flashing like i keep logging in and out its a null or a bug i was using the oldest client the 1 on runelocus i downloaded the newest 1 i think its 2.1 not sure please help me with this 1 so i can return back to powning people as much as i can thank you for your time to read this big whole thing thank you
clown lol! afro
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joker status

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PostSubject: its not a bug..   Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:57 pm

hey tevez its not acualy a bug its because the server is nulled and when bryan gets on he will reset the server and everyone can get back to playing! :L

..:: joker status ::..
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The Saint

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PostSubject: hey   Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:40 am

hey zerk, thanks for putting your time and effort into making this staff application, im sure that me and bryan will get the chance to talk over your chance at a position as staff for legacy-pk, as you can see we have many others and have alot of thinking to do but keep on helping the server and thank you for recruiting your friends we will take your name into consideration to join the staff of legacy-pk.
-The Saint santa
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PostSubject: Re: mod aplication   

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mod aplication
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